Sell - Useful information

Colasanti Casa d'Aste gives the possibility to have your objects or collections valued by our specialists. This service is free of charge and not binding. Please understand, that we can only value paintings, works of art and jewellery that we usually offer in our auctions. An valuations, signatures, state of conservation and any relative documentation in possession. On-site valuations can be made by appointment.

An agreement will be made before the auction on a reserve price that is the minimum amount under which the lot/s will not be sold. This amount is strictly confidential, could be less than, equal to or greater than the valuation in the catalogue and will be protected by the auctioneer.
In case the reserve price is not met, it will result in the lot/s not being sold. The auction house will keep a commission equal to the percentage of the auction rights agreed including IVA.
At the moment of lot/s consignment, the auction house will release a deposit receipt with the description of the lot/s and the reserves agreed upon, then subsequently request the Seller's signature on the right of sale where the contract conditions, reserve price and lot numbers will be stated.
The commission cannot be revoked other than by registered mail that must be received 30 days before the auction sale; in this case the Seller will pay the Colasanti Casa d'Aste an amount equal to the commission fees that they would have received with the sale at the reserve price, as well as all the expenses incurred.
The transportation expenses are at the Seller's expense, while the illustration expenses, catalogue layout and insurance are at the expense of Colasanti Casa d'Aste.

After the auction

Every Seller will receive a report with all of their lots and relative awards.

For unsold lot/s, an agreement can be made to reduce the reserve price granting the necessary time to make further attempts of sale by also carrying out private negotiations. Otherwise, unsold items must be picked up at the expense of the Seller.

In no case will Colasanti Casa d'Aste be held responsible for the loss or damage of lot/s left lying by the Seller in the auction warehouse where it is caused or derived from changes in humidity or temperature, from normal wear or gradual deterioration from work or action of any type done by third-parties on behalf of the Seller, or from hidden defects (including woodworms).

The Seller will receive a copy of the catalogue before the auction which includes their items for sale.

The Artist's Resale Right has been in force in Italy since April 9th 2006 with the Law Decree no. 118 (13/02/2006). This represents the right of the Author/Artist (living or deceased within the previous seventy years) of figurative art works and manuscripts to perceive a percentage of the sale price of his/her original works upon those sales taking place following the initial sale of the work/s in question.
Resale Royalties will be chargedto the seller where the hammer prise is 3.000,00 euro or more and will not be superior to 12.500,00 euro per lot. The amount to be paid may thus be calculated:

  • 4% for the sale price up to 50.000,00 euro;
  • 3% for the sale price between 50.000,01 and 200.000,00 euro;
  • 1% for the sale price between 200.000,01 and 350.000,00 euro;
  • 0,50% for the sale price between 350.000,01 and 500.000,00 euro;
  • 0,25% for the sale price above 500.000,00 euro.

The Artist's Resale Right charged to the seller will be paid by to Colasanti Casa d'Aste the SIAE (The Italian Society for Authors and Editors) as laid down by the Law.


Thirty working days after the auction, Colasanti Casa d'Aste will settle the amount due by bank check which must be picked up at their office, or by bank transfer to a bank account in the name of the owner of the lot/s, under the conditions that the Buyer has honoured the obligation assumed at the moment of the award, and there are no complaints or contests related to the awarded goods. At the moment of payment, an invoice will be released in which will be indicated in detail, the awards, the commission fees and other possible expenses. In every case, the payment to the Seller will be made by Colasanti Casa d'Aste only after having received the entire payment from the Buyer.


The experts of Colasanti Casa d'Aste are available to make written estimates for insurance, estate distributions, private sales or other purposes, for a fee corresponding to the nature and quality of the work necessary.

For any information or to set up appointments you can contact us by phone at +39 06 66183260 - +39 06 3235193 or by e-mail to our address