Sell - Useful information

Colasanti Casa d'Aste is available for free evaluation of objects to be included in future sales. A provisional assessment can be made on photographs accompanied by all the information regarding the object (dimensions, signatures, state of conservation) and any related documentation in the possession of the interested parties. Home assessments can be carried out by appointment.

The reserve price of each lot will be agreed prior the sale date, which is the minimum amount below which the lot cannot be sold. This figure is strictly confidential, it may be lower, equal, or higher than the estimate reported in the catalog and will be protected by the Auctioneer. If the reserve price is not reached, the lot will be unsold. On the hammer price, the Auction House will retain a commission equal to the percentage of the agreed auction rights (including VAT).

Upon delivery of the lots to the Auction House (if prior to the signing of the seller’s agreement) a deposit receipt will be issued with the descriptions of the lots and the agreed reserves; subsequently, the signature of the seller’s agreement will be requested, where the contractual conditions, reserve prices and lot numbers will be reported.

The seller’s agreement can only be revoked by registered letter which must be received 30 days before the auction sale; after this deadline, the seller must pay Colasanti Casa d’Aste an amount equal to all the commissions that would have accrued with the sale of the asset at the reserve price, in addition to all expenses incurred.

Transport costs are borne by the seller, while the costs of illustration, catalog preparation and insurance are borne by Colasanti Casa d’Aste.

  • Post Auction

Each seller will receive a report listing all the lots owned by him with the relative sold prices.

For unsold lots, a reduction in the reserve price may be agreed, allowing the time necessary to carry out further sales attempts to be carried out also by means of private sales, otherwise they must be collected at the sellers’ expense.

Under no circumstances will Colasanti Casa d'Aste be liable for the loss or damage of the lots left to lie by the sellers in the warehouse of the Auction House, if these are caused or derive from changes in humidity or temperature, from normal wear or gradual wear. deterioration due to interventions of any kind carried out on the asset by third parties on behalf of the same principals, or from hidden defects (including woodworms).

  • Resale Right

With Dlgs n. 118 of 13/2/2006 has been in force since 9 April 2006 in Italy the "Resale Right" (Droit de Suite), that is the right of the author (living or deceased for less than 70 years) of figurative arts works and of manuscripts to receive a percentage of the sale price of their originals works when sales subsequent to the first. This right will be borne by the Seller and will be calculated on the hammer price equal to or greater than € 3,000.00. In any case, this right cannot exceed € 12,500.00 for each lot. The amount of the fee to be paid is determined as follows:

  • 4% for the sale price up to € 50,000.00;
  • 3% for the sale price between 50,000.01 and 200,000.00 euros;
  • 1% for the sale price between 200,000.01 and 350,000.00 euros;
  • 0.50% for the sale price between 350,000.01 and 500,000.00 euros;
  • 0.25% for the sale price exceeding € 500,000.00.

The resale right charged to the Seller will be paid by Colasanti Casa d'Aste to SIAE based on what is established by law.

  • Payments

After 35 working days from the date of the auction, Colasanti Casa d'Aste will pay the amount due for the sale (net of commissions and expenses due from the seller) by means of a bank check to be collected at our offices or bank transfer in the owner’s name of the lots, provided that the buyer has paid for the purchase note, and that there have been no complaints or disputes regarding the lots won and without prejudice to the possible application of the legislation on pre-emption in favor of the state. At the time of payment, an invoice will be issued with the lots sold, commissions and other possible expenses will be indicated in detail. In any case, the balance to the sender will be paid by Colasanti Casa d'Aste only after having received the full payment from the buyer.

  • Evaluations

    Colasanti Casa d'Aste experts are available to carry out written evaluations for insurance, inheritance divisions, private sales, or other purposes, upon payment of a fee appropriate to the nature and quality of the work required.

    The terms and conditions that regulate the sale of the assets will be better clarified and detailed in the seller’s agreement that the owners of the goods and the Auction House will have to sign. The provisions of the seller’s agreement will be the only ones binding in all respects between the parties and will also prevail over any different provisions indicated here.

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