Silvers and the Art of the Table

Silvers and the Art of the Table
Fine Silver represents a very solid precious sector, especially in the European market, and in continuous expansion, even towards the eastern lands. Among the most important signatures, Colasanti has had the opportunity to host objects by silversmiths such as Paul Storr, Giovacchino Belli, Ventrella, William. B. Durgin & Co. and Ivan Alexeyev.
The art of the table sector includes all ornaments and decorations  useful for a perfect and refined mise en place. A central role is played by the elegant and very fine porcelains, such as the famous Meissen and Herend, and by the precious Baccarat and Saint Loius crystal glasses.
Colasanti has chosen to combine these two categories to offer the combined acquisition of objects dedicated to table decoration, satisfaction for the eyes of guests and hosts.
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