Taking part in an Auction implies the entire and unconditional acceptance of the Conditions of Sale. Bidders are required to read carefully the section of the site containing the purchase terms of the Lots for sale by Colasanti Casa d'Aste.


Beside each Lot description in the Catalogue there is an indication of the Estimate for potential Purchasers. In each case, all the Lots, in light of market interest, may achieve prices that are either superior to or inferior to the indicated Estimates. The Estimates published in the Auction Catalogue may be subject to revision and do not include the purchase commission (buyer's premium) and VAT.


The reserve price corresponds to the minimum price agreed upon between Colasanti Casa d'Aste and the Seller, beneath which the Lot will not be sold. Lots offered with no reserve are indicated in the Catalogue with the description "Free Bid".

Viewing before the Auction

Each Auction is preceded by a Viewing which is open, admission free, to the public. Opening times are shown in the first few pages of this Catalogue and the site. The Viewing enables all Purchasers to undertake an appropriate examination of the Lots for sale and to verify all aspects related to the Lot, such as authenticity, state of preservation, materials and provenance etc.

State of preservation

The Lots are sold in their current state. We recommend, therefore, that potential Purchasers check the state of preservation of the Lots/s, as well as the type of Lot/s being offered, before the Sale. The Experts of Colasanti Casa d'Aste will be happy to provide upon request reports on the state of preservation of the Lots on sale. The descriptions in the Catalogues merely represent the opinion of our Experts and may be subject to further revisions that will, in due course, be given to the public during the Auction.

Taking part in an Auction

Taking part in an Auction may occur by means of the Bidder being present in the Auction Room, or by means of written or telephone Bids that Colasanti Casa d'Aste will gladly carry out for potential Purchasers. This service is free of charge and, therefore, Colasanti Casa d'Aste bears no form of responsibility for this service. Colasanti Casa d'Aste will, therefore, not be responsible for any Bids inadvertently mislaid or for mistakes in relation to the latter.

Bidding in person

In order to bid in person, potential Purchasers have to register and collect a bidding number by filling out the Bidding Form and providing a valid document of identification and tax code number.

Written and Telephone Bids

In order to bid by means of online, after an easy registration to website, or written or telephone Bids potential purchasers have to fill out the Absentee bid form and send it by fax to the number +39 06 66183656 at least two hours before the beginning of the Auction.
Bids must be in euro and do not include Auction commissions and charges and taxation as laid down by the Law. Written Bids are carried out on behalf of the Bidder at the lowest price possible in consideration of the reserve price and the other Bids offered. Telephone Bids are organised by Colasanti Casa d'Aste according to the availability of the telephone lines being used. Telephone calls during the Auction may be recorded. Potential purchasers who bid by telephone consent to the recording of their conversations.

Live Auction

You can join the Live Auction with a simple registration with validated ID/Passport in MY COLASANTI. Register to your sale of interest by clicking on "REGISTER NOW" button within the 12 pm of the day before the auction. You will receive a confirmation email with your approval which will allow you to live the saleroom and bid live. 

PREMIUM Live Auction
For PREMIUM Auctions, in addition to your subscribtion you will be required further guarantees upon your registration to the sale.


Purchasers have to carry out payment for the Lot/s by 10 working days from the date of the Auction by means of:

  • Cash payment less than 1.999,99 euro
  • Circular cheque written out to Colasanti Luigi d.i., subject to verification with the issuing institute
  • Credit transfer to:
    Colasanti Luigi d.i.
    BANCA DEL FUCINO, SEDE DI ROMA Via Tomacelli 106 - 107, 00186 Roma
    IBAN: IT48W0312403210000000234289
    If paying by bank transfer, the amount received after the deduction of any bank fee and/or conversion of the currency of payment to euro must not be less than the euro amount payable, as set out on the invoice
  • Debit/credit card 

Collection of Lots

Purchasers must collect the Lot/s by 15 days from the date of the Auction.
At the end of this span of time, Colasanti Casa d'Aste will not be responsible either for the custody of the Lot/s or for any damage that may occur to the Lot/s upon their removal to an appropriate warehouse. Colasanti Casa d'Aste will charge the Purchaser with the costs of insurance and storage as laid down in the Chart available to Customers in the headquarters of the Company. When collecting the Lot/s, the Purchaser must provide Colasanti Casa d'Aste with a valid document of identity. Should the Purchaser request a Third Party to collect the Lot/s already paid for, the latter should possess a piece of written permission signed by the Purchaser and a photocopy of the Purchaser's document of identity. The Lot/s are given to the Purchaser or the Third Party only upon payment having taken place. If purchased Lot/s are collected after the above-mentioned time limit the Auction House may debit the costs of storage (by month or part of a month) as follows:

  • euro 100,00 + VAT for Furniture
  • euro 50,00 + VAT for Paintings
  • euro 25,00 + VAT for Objects

The shipping of Lots

The Staff at Colasanti Casa d'Aste will be glad to ship Lots purchased according to written instructions given by the Purchaser, following payment of the Lot/s concerned. Shipping will be at the risk and expense of the Purchaser who, by means of a written communication, will have to subtract Colasanti Casa d'Aste from any responsibility concerning such an operation. Furthermore, our Staff is available for evaluations and advice in relation to the shipping methods employed and insurance of the Lot/s.

Export of the Lots purchased

The Law Decree no. 42 of January 22nd 2004 regulates the export of cultural heritage and goods outside the Republic of Italy. The EU Regulation no. 3911/92 of December 9th 1992, as modified by EU Regulation no. 2469/96 of December 16th 1996 and by EU Regulation no. 974/01 of May 14th 2001, regulates the export of cultural heritage and goods outside the European Union.
In order to export outside Italy cultural heritage and goods that are over 50 years old need an Export Licence that the Purchaser has to procure for him/herself personally. Colasanti Casa d'Aste is not involved in the procurement of such permits and cannot therefore guarantee the relative issue of such permits. Colasanti Casa d'Aste, upon the request of the Purchaser, may undertake the operations necessary for the granting of the Export Licence.

Should the above-mentioned authorisation not be granted the Purchase of the Lot/s is not nullified, neither is the payment of the Lot/s, unless prior agreement with Colasanti Casa d'Aste was made before the Auction. With reference to the regulations contained in art. 8, 1st paragraph, letter B DPR 633/72. Purchasers have to respect the following procedures should they wish to take the Lot/s outside the European Union and claim the VAT refund: The completion of CUSTOMS forms/papers and transport outside the European Union within three months from the invoice date.
The sending – within the same term – of the ORIGINAL CUSTOMS TAXATION STAMP OR EQUIVALENT DOCUMENT directly to Colasanti Casa d'Aste.

The artist's resale right

The Artist's Resale Right has been in force in Italy since April 9th 2006 with the Law Decree no. 118 (13/02/2006). This represents the right of the Author/Artist (living or deceased within the previous seventy years) of figurative art works and manuscripts to perceive a percentage of the sale price of his/her original works upon those sales taking place following the initial sale of the work/s in question.
Resale Royalties will be chargedto the seller where the hammer prise is 3.000,00 euro or more and will not be superior to 12.500,00 euro per lot. The amount to be paid may thus be calculated:

  • 4% for the sale price up to 50.000,00 euro;
  • 3% for the sale price between 50.000,01 and 200.000,00 euro;
  • 1% for the sale price between 200.000,01 and 350.000,00 euro;
  • 0,50% for the sale price between 350.000,01 and 500.000,00 euro;
  • 0,25% for the sale price above 500.000,00 euro.

The Artist's Resale Right charged to the seller will be paid by to Colasanti Casa d'Aste the SIAE (The Italian Society for Authors and Editors) as laid down by the Law.


Every lot with any electric equipment is sold as "not working" and it should be totally re-conditioned.
Colasanti Casa d'Aste is not responsible for any incorrect, wrong use of sold lots or for any non-compliance with instructions.
The words "...year..." or the date cited in the lots description indicates the period from when the said lot was first produced, unless otherwise specified.
The descriptive image in the catalogue might not faithfully represent the lots at auction.
Colasanti Casa d'Aste always recommends directly viewing the lots before making any bids. In case it is not possible to directly view the lots in person, a bidder may request a condition report in order to receive additional and detailed images of the Lot/s.

For any information you can contact us by phone at +39 06 66183260 - +39 06 3235193 or by e-mail to our address info@colasantiaste.com