A family business

Since the beginning of the 1960s Luigi Colasanti follows his passion in collecting art and founds his company "Luigi Colasanti D.I." His great knowledge and his experience led the company to expand and with its expansion the areas of interests are growing: Antique and modern silver, ivories, micromosaics, jewellery, furniture, old master, modern and contemporary art.

After completing her gemological studies in the end of the 1980s, one of the two daughters of Luigi, Raffaella Colasanti, opens a jewellery boutique in Via del Babuino, in Rome. Her areas of expertise are Vintage, Decò and Liberty, focusing especially on the 1940s. Francesca Colasanti, the younger daughter of Luigi Colasanti, works since many years in the art market and is specialised in silver, porcelain and works of art.

From 1991 "Luigi Colasanti D.I." participates in important National and International exhibitions of antiques, like the first edition of the Biennale "Antiquari del Mondo" in Rome, the "Gotha" in Parma, the "Artigiani del Mondo" in Turin and exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Montecarlo.

After many years of experience in the art market the two Colasanti sisters, Francesca and Raffaella, decide to use their knowledge of the antiques market to open the auctions house Colasanti in 2005. 

Today, the Colasanti Casa d'Aste is a company with economic success and a dynamic team of specialists, which offers also a valuation service for free. The experience of years and the close and trusting relationship with collectors and art lovers leads the auction house to be a growing company, balanced between tradition and modernisation.

Also the third generation begins to take part in the traditional family business. The youngest son of Raffaella Tommaso and the eldest son of Francesca Giacomo are helping in their free time in the auction house and are already taken by the passion of the art and the art market.

This makes the Colasanti Casa d'Aste a unique and traditional family business.